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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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For every client, we tailor our working methods to the project requirements and client needs. We currently offer three different engagement models.

Comprehensive Engagement – ​​Complete your evaluation project from start to finish. Click here for more information on the full range of projects we offer. Click here to read a case study of how a client was able to expand the capabilities of an overburdened team by employing ALCOR to deliver a complete project.

Modular Engagement – Completion of part of the project specified by the client. Click here to read a case study of how outsourcing part of a project helped a client reduce turnaround time and take on more projects.

Analyst Secondments – Offers for one or more analysts to devote themselves to specific client research, analysis, and projects. Click here to read a case study of how hiring ALCOR part-time improved customer productivity.

In addition, we would be more than happy to discuss other ways we can help build mutually beneficial relationships.

The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the services required and when you receive all the relevant information needed to complete the project. We can usually complete all projects within 5-7 business days after receiving all the necessary data. For large and complex projects, we will agree with you on an appropriate delivery date. Depending on the scope of work, next day delivery is possible for smaller projects.

We do not put logos or names on number projects, exhibits or reports. All of our services are “Private Label” ready. Clients can put their own logo on the finished product.


ALCOR offers customized support services to our customers. Service fees vary widely and depend on many factors such as the type of project, purpose and amount of information provided. After consulting with you, we will determine the type of engagement model that best suits your needs and calculate the cost of procured services accordingly. With our onshore/offshore business model, we strive to provide our clients with the most cost-effective solutions. Contact us for detailed offers.
Depending on the client’s needs, completed projects are typically delivered in one or more of the following formats: Excel, Word, PDF.
Industry standard databases are used for accurate and reliable information used in projects. IBISWorld, Capital IQ, OneSource, MergerStat, PrattSTat, DoneDeals kTMine are among the trusted sources we use for our services.
We take data confidentiality very seriously. Our data security measures comply with international standards and protect the availability, confidentiality and integrity of all customer information. Our network undergoes regular security assessments to ensure all data is protected.

We are happy to sign a non-compete and non-solicitation agreement upon request. We do not serve end customers directly, so we do not compete with them.

The resources section contains sanitized versions of past projects. See and download this section for more information on our work. If you’re looking for something specific and can’t find it here, contact us we are here to help.