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Valuation Advisory Services

Accurate, Reliable Valuation Services

ALCOR Financial Services provides comprehensive valuation advisory services designed to unlock the true value of your business. From turn key valuations to comparable company analysis and precedent M&A transaction analysis, our team of experienced financial advisors will help you make informed decisions and maximize the value of your business.
ALCOR’s valuation advisors are experienced in performing turn key valuations of businesses in all sectors and industries. Our team combines a deep understanding of accounting, finance, and economics with knowledge of the specific industry in which the company operates.
To determine the value of a company or asset, valuation analysts use a variety of methods including the market approach, which compares the subject company or asset to similar companies or assets that have been sold in the marketplace. Our team of experienced analysts will perform a detailed comparative analysis of comparable companies to determine an accurate value for your business.
Our team of experts can also help you analyze precedent M&A transactions in order to provide additional insight into the value of a company. This will help you make informed decisions when making investments or entering into acquisition agreements. We have access to a database of over 4,000 M&A transactions that can be used to benchmark and compare the value of a company or asset.
At ALCOR Financial Services, we specialize in providing tailored and comprehensive services to companies in all sectors and industries. Our professionals are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge of accounting, finance, and economics, as well as an understanding of the industry in which the company or asset operates. We believe in helping our clients make the best decisions for their businesses and we strive to provide reliable and accurate valuations.

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