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Institutional Investor Services

Long-term value creation, coupled with a thorough analysis

Make informed investment decisions, monitor risks, minimize costs, and maximize returns with a trusted partner in financial services outsourcing.
ALCOR provides initial industry research and analysis services to help you understand the market dynamics and develop insights on investment opportunities. Our team of analysts provides comprehensive data and insights to understand the growth outlook of different sectors and industries.
With ALCOR’s revenue forecasting services you can gain insights on the potential growth of a company and estimate future cash flows. Our forecasts are based on the analysis of a company’s historical performance and other market factors.
ALCOR’s DCF analysis services can help you to identify and value investment opportunities. We help you to analyze the cash flows generated by an investment over a certain period and gain a clearer understanding of the project’s internal rate of return.
ALCOR’s team of professionals provides comprehensive research and analysis of publicly listed companies, private companies, and startups. Our reports provide detailed insights into a company’s financials, operations, and strategies.
ALCOR provides services to institutional investors, such as pension funds, endowments, foundations, and other large investors. We help these investors make informed decisions about how to allocate their assets, minimize risk, and achieve their investment objectives.

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